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Team building, lasting friendships and new experiences in sightseeing, food, culture, relationships and competition…these are just some of the benefits from sports teams’ travel.

The average trip lasts 10 days and in that short time period, players, coaches and parents have the opportunity to forge lasting memories which will be talked about for years.

Although tournaments and exhibition games are normally the main reasons for teams wanting to travel, at SGI Ltd. we do whatever we can to encourage travelling teams to be sure they take the time to enjoy the total experience.

We talk a lot about how these trips are lifetime experiences because it is true.  We often hear about players who have travelled abroad continuing to maintain friendships with players they met and competed against. We know of a number of instances where Scandinavian players have returned to Canada to vacation with Canadian players they met and vice versa. 

Time and time again, we here from coaches, parents and players that their trips abroad were a very enlightening and enriching experience.

By giving young people the opportunity to travel and compete internationally, organizations, coaches and parents are giving them something that will no doubt end up being a most rewarding experience.



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